Monster Makers at Edmonton Fringe

Monster Makers presented a 10 show run at Edmonton Fringe in 2012. Please contact us to make a booking.

What do you do with a confused Monster? Find out in – Monster Makers: A Kids Comedy

Winner of the Children’s Choice Award, Magnetic North Theatre Festival

 Kids love a good monster, but in this award-winning production they discover they love a friendly monster better. When a sad scientist can’t get his monster to be a Monster (he just wants to play and have fun) the scientist seeks help from the audience experts – the kids. Explore the perils of success and the freedom of failure in Monster Makers, a charmingly inventive new participatory work for children and adults.

Recently played @ Edmonton Fringe Festival August 16-26

“A catalyst for imaginative absurdity, the playwright blows out the walls of conventional theatre, sending storyline conformists scurrying for cover.”  – Now Magazine on playwright Darren O’Donnell.

“Watching him in full Peewee Herman mode … is little short of bliss for anyone who likes there theatre with a heavy dollop of fun.” – Toronto Sun on Monster Daniel Nimmo.

Written by Darren O’Donnell and originally produced by contemporary theatre powerhouse Mammalian Diving Reflex, this new production by Loonatic Fringe directed by Fringe Veteran Ryan Gladstone (Monster Theatre) and with original cast member Daniel Nimmo and Canadian comedy award nominee Kristian Reimer will make children squeal with excitement at the Edmonton Fringe!