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Loonatic Spectacular is a reconfigurable array of video installations, effects and content.

Performances can take place day or night in any location, and will have lasting impact on your audience:

burning down the fourth wall between himself and his audience, all the while rocking them with laughter.” – Winnipeg Free Press

Loonatic Spectacular – The Man in the Moon (Site specific projected interactive performance)

Vault Cabaret 2014 - Balloon comedy video host

Vault Cabaret 2014 – Balloon comedy video host

Loonatic is projected interactive performance, giving its audience the feeling that they have stepped into a cinematic experience that talks back to them.

Loonatic Spectacular bridges modern performance categories: It is performance. It is projection. It is visual art.  And it is interactive…

The interactive element that allows the audience to engage with the projection is incredible. The extensive performance skills that you bring to this installation are world class – in all my European festival touring I have seen nothing like it. It was the most memorable performance experience at the Adelaide fringe.” – Judith Lanigan, author of Clownland.

In Loonatic Spectacular – The Man in the Moon video projections create the illusion of a man in the moon. He is kooky and comedic, playful and philosophical.  Performance takes place live through video cameras and projections.

absurdly funny and genuinely uplifting” – Vancouver Sun

Loonatic is an undertaking between a comedic character using the moon to explore what it is like to be human… at times farcical, at times existential.

Loonatic Spectacular hands out, LOLs just as quickly as question marks. It is a work full of play and impulsivity, interacting with passers-by and encouraging them to take part in the work through audience facing video cameras.

Prepare to witness the man/moon merger and the bemused public bark like a chicken and gleefully create live video installation together in clown inspired quest for the moment of fun. You may not know what to think – but that’s half the magic.

Loonatic Spectacular – The Man in the Moon (Freestanding outdoor projected interactive performance)

– Truck-mounted Video Show – or extended installation

Loonatic Sideshow in an extended production featuring Loonatic Spectacular that is fully self-contained. It can be built on and around a Truck, or adapted into a custom installation.

From a live-editing station video footage of audience and performer are real-time processed and displayed to create short, intense comedic video experience.

Anytime under the canopy: In an intimate theatrical setting, content can be created and displayed to an intimate audience.

After Dark: the intimate experience is reprojected as Spectacle for a larger audience – we often use custom spherical screens. Or the canopy can be partially opened and multiple audience cameras turn the whole installation into a live video playground.

Loonatic Spectacular at Village Biazarre

A configuration of Loonatic Spectacular with a peppers ghost illusion, 40 person covered blackout venue, and inflatable screen for combination intimate and spectacle sideshow performances.


Loonatic Spectacular – is more than 10 years of development, in diverse locations, with custom content and setups to suit each venue.

Balloon Comedy highlights include a 5 week Outdoor installation above the Gluttony Venue Complex, Adelaide Fringe Festival, and as host of The Vault Cabaret Wollongong and Lunacy Cabaret Toronto. Also, Edmonton Fringe Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Skopje Buskers Festival, West Australian Circus Festival, Nuit Blanche North Huntsville Ontario, and Nuite Blanche London.

Audience Interactive runs include KISS arts Festival 2016, Falls Festival 2016, Viva La Gong 2013,  and a 5 week run at Village Biazarre – a Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority Production.

Increasingly custom Custom setups designed for each installation. For example Falls Festival 2016 saw us develop a single sided balloon and façade configuration so suit music event and position of our rig in the site.

Our recent Installation at KISS International Arts Festival 2016 Saw us delve into our first 360 degree dressing and show concept. Which will be extended on for future shows.

KISS Arts Festival 2016 - Construction and performance zone: single multi projector omni-directional dressing facade and balloon configuration

KISS Arts Festival 2016 – Construction and performance zone: single multi projector omni-directional dressing facade and balloon configuration

Supporters and partners:

Over the past 10 Years Loonatic Spectacular has had input from many individuals and organisations – including grants from the Illawarra Performing Arts Center outreach program Make it @ Merrigong. Much of our video hardware is re-purposed broadcast hardware donated by DataScene, and additional production equipment is sourced and traded with Tortuga Studios. We appreciate the continued support of Laughter House Entertainment. We would also like to Acknowledge Lunacy Cabaret and Zero Gravity Circus as early development partners, and Fraser Hooper, Sue Morrison, Jack Grinhaus and Anne-Louise Rentell for direction during various phases of development, and our many collaborators during Loonatic Fringe and Temple of Khaos Tours.

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