Loonatic Spectacular @ Melbourne Fringe

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Loonatic Spectacular @ Melbourne Fringe

The Order Of Melbourne 2012: Daniel Nimmo and Vanessa Nimmo brought together a number of talented artists for a no-holds barred evening of Music, Clown, Circus and Live Multimedia.

Realtime: written and performed by Vanessa Nimmo with Daniel Nimmo

Program info:

“Enjoy our sexy creative cast as they delight with feats of eccentricity that are dangerously obscure, set to an enlivening electro-swing soundtrack.
Fly with us through a magical place where live video projections create the illusion of a man in the moon. A night club where the roaring 20s meet electro-beats.”


Solid State Circus, Dirk Darrow, Arial Manx, Daniel Nimmo, the music of Vanessa Nimmo, Sean Loughran on drums with nightly special guests including The Birdman, Dandyman, and Hemlock Majerne.