Loonatic Spectacular at Adelaide Fringe

FREE at the Gluttony Venue Complex, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013

He never wanted to be a moon…he wanted to be a star!

Loonatic-faceIn Loonatic Spectacular video projections create the illusion of a man in the moon.

absurdly funny and genuinely uplifting” – Vancouver Sun

FREE and Outdoors: Loonatic Spectacular will present short evolving performances, 5 nights a week for the length Festival.

“alchemic…truly inspired… rocking them with laughter.” – Winnipeg Free Press

He is kooky, and comedic. At times farcical at others existential. But beware – this month long appearance may lead to feats of eccentricity that are dangerously obscure.

Daniel Nimmo and Gluttony Presents: Loonatic Spectacular – A Video Moon Man

VENUE: Adelaide Fringe 2013 / Rymill Park / Mullawirraburka / 15 February – 16 March.

DATES: Wed – Sunday for the length of the festival

TIME: 8.00pm – 11pm Nightly (short sets)


A clip from our last outdoor installation

Past Events

Loonatic Spectacular is a versatile format – at home as a cabaret host, and as a rolling installation. The Man in the Moon has been tailored to events and shows at Edmonton Fringe Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Skopje Buskers Festival, West Australian Circus Festival, Lunacy Cabaret Toronto, Nuit Blanche North Huntsville Ontario, Nuite Blanche London.

Loonatic Spectacular: A Modern Vaudevillian Cabaret

In 2012 Loonatic Spectacular presented a cabaret run at Edmonton Fringe Festival, in the Loonatic Fringe tent, with live music by NYC Indie Art rockers Renaldo The, then heading South, playing at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, at the Order of Melbourne, featuring Solid State Circus, Arial Manx, Vanessa Nimmo, and Dirk Darrow!