20 years in entertainment

Daniel Nimmo Halloween 2015 at Budweiser promotional event Carnival of Souls – Role: character development and narrative design.

Daniel Nimmo is a performer and producer specialising in interactive live shows, engaging audiences with projection and installation.

In 2017 he toured Glastonbury Festival and Edinburgh Fringe with a projected interactive performance Loonatic Spectacular. Nimmo has toured and produced shows in Australia, Europe, Asia and the Americas and worked with the contemporary theatre company Mammalian Diving Reflex.

Temple of Khaos: Canadian Fringe Tour 2012

Temple of Khaos: Role: Performer, Creator and Producer for 7 festival tour of 4 person Mythical Comedy


Genuis” – Australias Got Talent (circus comedy)


Mooney doesn’t give stars, but if we did, Temple of Khaos would have it’s own galaxy” – Mooney on Theatre Toronto, Canada ( narrative comedy ensemble)


In the agile hands (and brain) of Australian Daniel Nimmo, this combination becomes alchemic…rocking them with laughter.” – Winnipeg Free Press (solo theatre show)

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